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Payhub is a unique wallet to eliminate cash transactions and substitute it by credit transactions. Like cash, credit can be freely transfered from one Member to other Members in their day to day transactions. Anyone may join, as a Member by registering with it duly furnishing the required details and accepting to comply with its terms and conditions. No deposit is needed either at the time of Registration or at any time later.

Whenever any payment is to be made, the payer may simply transfer his credit with details/reasons to the payee. The Members having deficit / minus credit balance may settle the accounts with all other members at a later date / time only to the extent of shortfall, if any, in the credit balance. Credit is transferable amongst its members without any restriction. 

Payment by cash / bank may be made directly from one Member to another or through the admin account of uttamseva.com. In all such payments by cash / bank, the payee in turn shall transfer his credit to the payer to the extent of payment received.

The Members them selves assume full responsibility for their transactions.



This webportal is primarily designed with the concept of ' Accepting liability first by transferring Credit and subsequently making payment only to the extent of shortfall, if any, in the liability' and 'also freely exchanging Credit amongst its Members instead of making cash payment for all day to day transactions'. This minimises withdrawal of cash from bank and depositing in bank.:

Educational Institutions and their students may join as Members and may send  messages through their Dashboards about the Fees to be paid periodically. The Debits and Credits about the payments made are recorded in their Dashboards and will be available as a record for easy reference.The documents acknowleging the payments may also be sent through Dashboard.

Similarlly the Financial Institutions, Chit Fund Companies, News Paper Agencies, Wholesale Merchants, Manufacturers etc. which recover their dues periodically from clients, can also avail this facility.

Bank Transactions :

This also facilitates to do online transfers / Net Banking of payments to other members, if requested by any Member subject to deposting the amount with the admin  account of uttamseva.com

#  The Users shall pay  service charges @ Rs.5/-per Wallet and Bank transaction to the Admin.