1. Transfer of Credit is purely at the sole Risk and Responsibility of Members. Admin won’t assume any responsibility of what so ever.


  1. The sole object of this portal is to provide a facility to minimise cash transactions by substituting it by Credit.



  1. Prior to accepting credit transfer, the Payee shall check the Credit balance of Payer through ‘Search Credit Balance’ Tab provided in Settings of Dash Board. He should consent for transfer of credit only after fully satisfied about the capability of Payer to clear his liability.


  1. The Members shall pay Service Charges @ notified rates for their credit transfer / payment transactions to the Admin without fail in time regularly.


  1. Like cash, Members shall not object to accept surplus credit from any member since it violates the purpose for which this portal is provided.


  1. Members having negative credit balance shall clear his liability at the earliest by buying credit by cash from the member to whom he transferred credit earlier or any other member or admin.


  1. Payment to others through Bank / Online is accepted only if requested by members subject to depositing the amount in advance with the admin.


  1. If any member is not accepting the Credit transferred to him, he shall immediately retransfer to the concerned giving reasons for the same.